Angora and Mohair

Angora Scarf

Angora Scarf (Source Flickr – AquaKnitter)

Angora is a name given to a range of animals with long silky, soft, curly wool or fur. The traditional Angora fiber most prized for its soft silky feel was made from Angora Rabbits. This fiber is also prized for its hypoallergenic properties.

The wool of Angora Goats is known around the world as ‘Mohair’ and is another highly prized silky and soft, somewhat curly, wool. The word Angora comes from the old name for what is today known as Ankara in Turkey. The animals with these fine soft and long furs and wool are all indigenous to this region of Turkey. There are also Angora Cats and Angora Ferrets; although none of these has been bred and raised for textile production.

The wool of Angora goats, unlike cashmere, does not contain guard hairs and can all be used when shorn. The average Angora goat will produce between 4 and 5 kilograms of fleece (called Mohair) per year and is shorn twice a year.

Angora Rabbits produce Angora, which is more silky and slippery and can be difficult to spin and weave, but is prized for its incredible softness and warmth.

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