The Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarves This modern turn of the scarf is a newcomer to the fashion scene. It’s only been around since sometime in the late 20th century, and no one seems to know whose clever invention it is. But it is certainly enjoying an enduring and steady popularity.

The circle scarf is one continuous loop or tube of fabric or knitted or crocheted yarn or wool. It is being made out of virtually every kind of fabric one can imagine and is popular both for men and women.

Perhaps it is so popular because it is so simple to wear – a twist and loop of the circle back over the head and you’re in business… and there are plenty of variations you can take it to from there.

How to Wear the Infinity Scarf

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Like a double strand necklace: after you twist and loop the scarf to create two rings over your head, pull one tight and the other loose – so one is up against the neck and one hangs like a necklace.
  • Wear it like a tie: instead of twisting it and putting a second loop over your head, take the single loop down the front and tie it in a simple one loop knot. Then pull the end down below the knot and fluff it.
  • Over the shoulder: Don’t put the scarf over your head at all. Instead, fold it in half to create two ends, wrap them around your neck adn tie them on one side of the neck so one end goes to the front and one falls to the back.

However you wear them, infinity or circle scarves are an easy and elegantly simple accessory.

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