The EZ Scarf Swivel Hanger: Simple, Functional & Versatile

EZ Scarf Swivel Hanger

Scarf Hanger White Closet Organizer w/ EZ Scarf Tying Guide eBook. 28 Rings on Swivel Hook for Easy Access. Snag Free Space Saving Scarf Storage Holder for Scarves, Ties, and Accessories.

Use this lightweight durable hanger for day to day storage of scarves in season. Hang it in your closet and keep all your favorite scarves close at hand and easy to see and reach.

The swivel hook makes it easy to turn the hanger and see what’s where and easily reach what you want when you want it. No need to take it off the rod, just lift and turn it and lay the hanger sideways to see what you’re looking for. No trying to hold the hanger in one hand and select the scarf you want with the other.

It also makes a great little portable drying rack for lingerie and other hand washables. And it works perfectly for drying woolen socks – holds up to 14 pairs of socks at once and allows them to dry quickly. Speaking of drying, it’s a great hanger for wet winter wear – scarves, hats, gloves and ski socks – whether you’re just in from sledding the best hill in town or spending a day on the slopes on your snowboard, the EZ Scarf Swivel Hanger will hold all those wet woolens and give them room to dry. Hang it over the shower rod in the bathroom for really wet gear.

In summer when it’s time to put away all those winter warmers, fill it with winter woolen shawls, scarves and throws. Then slip a hanging cedar block or sachet over the hook, and zip it up in a garment bag for secure moth-proof summer storage.

In winter-time, keep an extra EZ Scarf hanger in the coat closet for a quick and easy way to keep scarves, hats and gloves neatly in place. Fill the top two rings with gloves and hats and hang the scarves in the rings below.

No matter how you choose to use it, the EZ Scarf Swivel Hanger is a handy addition to any closet in your home!

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  1. Sam says:

    I absolutely LOVE this product. Better then any scarf organizer than I have every had and makes so much extra room in my closet.

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